OG3NE comes with new album and tour

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They have a lot of meaning in the tour, let the girls know in an interview with BuzzE. “Theater has made our hearts very early stolen,” says Lisa. Two years ago, OG3NE hundred sold-out shows during the tour Three times a lady. Of those shows has the zussengroep really enjoyed. Lisa continues: “you’re close to the people, between the songs by can you a tell and you are standing very close to the audience.” Amy: “we have a solid live band with which we in the theatre can enjoy unpacking.”

Shelley fills her sisters with that the theater is well-suited to their various target audience. “Between our audience, we have set up stand of 80-year-old, but also whole families with young children.” Their touroptredens will consist of songs from the new album, old songs and covers. Also, there will be dancing. “Until now there is still no one sit there,” laughs Shelley.

But before the sisters can focus on the new album, they have first performances in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen on the schedule. On the occasion of these concerts has OG3NE the Dutch christmas single is here released. The sisters, who last year their mother to cancer, lost, singing in that single about missing loved ones during the christmas season.

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