Neurologist intoxicates date

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Boca Raton – An American neurologist, is caught when he sleeping pills and anti-depressants in the martini of his date threw.

Did Mircea Morariu in a Greek restaurant where he had agreed with the woman. When she went to the toilet, threw the medical specialist a powder in her drink. A waking restaurantbezoeker who saw that, called the police.

The 57-year-old Jeanette Schroeder stated that the neurologist was on had insisted that her glass would quaff.

The 50-year-old medical specialist, denied tampering with her drink. The police found in the men’s toilet in a bag with traces of the drugs Xanax and Ambien.

The neurologist has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning and attempted murder.

Morariu and Schroeder knew each other already for twenty years and saw each other occasionally. Now they had a date because the neurologist wanted to tell you about his engagement.

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