Mourinho felt the panic from the bank

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José Mourinho is trying to give instructions.

“The team has a big heart and soul shown”, said Mourinho after the end against Uk media. The Mancunians came two times on a backlog, but struck back. “As always, we made mistakes and paid the price for those mistakes”, he continued Mourinho. But today we showed a lot of mental resilience and wanted to team fight. All credits for the team.”

Jesse Lingard (centre) has for the equalizer are provided.

“The players went to the limit and were very tired. From the sofa you could feel the panic feel the ball in our defense ended up. I disagree with people that this team compare with teams of Roy Keane, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Nemanja Vidic. Give us some time and peace of mind. I am happy with the bet, but we are not constant and uniform.”

All compliments of Mourinho in, it is United for the time being not further than the ninth place in England. Behind leader, arch-nemesis and city rivals Manchester City is nineteen points.

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