Michelle Obama: “Queen Elizabeth called protocol crap”

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When Michelle Obama in 2016 for the first time paid a visit to the British royals, she is seriously worried about all the protocols. She was, however, support from an unexpected corner. No one less than queen Elizabeth herself reassured her, by saying that all those lines of nonsense. That told Obama this week at an event in London, reports news channel CNN.

Obama recalls her visit to Windsor Castle in 2016, when they visited the queen would bring. “In my head, said a little voice: ‘do not fall down the stairs, touch no one, no matter what you do'”, says the former First Lady in a speech.

‘The Queen asked her, however, soon reassured. “They said,” Come in, sit where you want.’ If you protocol want to keep, ” she says right that that’s nonsense.”

Obama revealed that her husband Barack is completely gone from the British queen, because she makes him think of his grandmother. “Elizabeth is smart, funny and honest. He is a very, very big fan.”

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