Luxembourg is the first country in public transport free

9a4fe96282b74fc4f69cfc8dc4e53112 - Luxembourg is the first country in public transport free

The government in Luxembourg, wants the public transport system in the country free of charge. The country invests in cleaner air and untangle the traffic interchange.

Luxembourg City, the capital of the country, must deal with huge traffic jams and traffic chaos. Therefore, all the tickets on buses, trains and trams from next summer, will be abolished.

Public transport in Luxembourg was already not very expensive, it was even free for young people under 20 years of age. A ticket for 2 hours costs 2 euro, a day ticket is only 4 euros.

Congestion and the environment

The city itself has 110,000 residents, but commuting every 400,000 people to the capital. In addition, the roads are also a further 200,000 workers from Belgium, France and Germany to swallow.

Wednesday was the government under the leadership of prime minister Xavier Bettel ingezworen for a second term. In his election campaign, he proposed a policy priority. His Democratic party rules together with the greens and the socialists. In addition to the free public transport considering the government also to cannabis is to legalize, and two new general holidays.

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