Left-wing parties to go a motion of distrust to submit against French government

4915b58a05ff6b9bcf103c693b7585d5 - Left-wing parties to go a motion of distrust to submit against French government

Members of parliament from three left-wing parties to go a vote of no confidence to submit against the French government. The motion is there because the parties are dissatisfied with the response of the government on the protest of the ‘yellow vests’.

Olivier Faure, the leader of the PS, shared the news to French media.

The text goes out of the PS, the communist PCF and of La France insoumise. It is intended that the motion Monday is made. According to Faure, there will be first, to further aid to be sought.

“We have a government that right on the wall down. It is our responsibility to stop this and to ensure that there is a change of government, and so a different policy, ” defends Ugo Bernalicis of La France insoumise the motion. “The announced measures will not allow to get out of the crisis. We want a democratic solution. There should be an answer on the social anger and the requirement to have more purchasing power’, then again says Pierre Dharréville (PCF).

The motion must at least 48 hours after the official submission to be treated in the French Assembly. The chance that the text there by a majority of members of parliament is approved, it seems very small. The three left-wing parties represent only 62 of the 577 deputies.

Over the past sixty years in the French parliament for more than a hundred motions of no confidence submitted. Only one of them was adopted. That happened in 1962, when the government of then-prime minister Georges Pompidou at the trap was placed.

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