Lazy footballer, his wife raids

f39729627d64cc2c635036775dcc21ed - Lazy footballer, his wife raids

Stefan Kießling in april of this year.

The now stopped a striker let us know that his wife him from the fire helped with fitness tests. “I have never done all the exercises in the preparation, not one time,” reveals the 34-year-old German.

“The club gives you a watch that your heart rate monitor and exercise save. My wife is very athletic. Therefore, she did a few times a number of exercises. She did it so well that no one in the holes.”

Kießling explains further: “We were once on vacation in Mexico. I knew that the rest of the boys, their training would begin. When I chose my wife said: ’Honey, I’m going today not work out in the gym. I’d rather stay on the beach.”

Kießling could be tampering quietly now explain. In may of this year, he hanged his football boots at the willows. The striker had a fine career. In 400 Bundesligaduels he scored 145 times. Also came the striker, who twelve seasons came out for Bayer Leverkusen, six times for die Mannschaft.

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