’Kuipers whistle may still be on EK 2020’

2a8a80a7e844004aacb61411db7fa87c - ’Kuipers whistle may still be on EK 2020’

The much-discussed encounter between Neymar and the referee Bjorn Kuipers at the last world cup.

“When Björn last at the UEFA was, asked him whether he is available wants to keep up with the EK 2020”, says Erwin Zeinstra, Kuipers’ fixed assistants, compared to Omroep Friesland.

Age limit

“And that’s where Björn is positive on the whole. Provided he is fit and he has the motivation still has, he is available for the final tournament,” Zeinstra. Because of the by Kuipers reached the age of 45 seemed to be the last world CHAMPIONSHIP in Russia, his last major tournament, but according to Zeinstra is that border by the UEFA in the meantime, Kuipers also in 2020 still fluitgerechtigd’ would be.

“Totally surprised, I am not here”, says Zeinstra. “Björn is fighting fit and is part of the most fit referees in European leagues are active. I’m quite happy with that, because I want to still have a tournament to lay down paste,” laughs the Frieze, which, together with the other assistant Sander van Roekel for many years already, the hard ” team Kuipers.


According to Zeinstra want to Kuipers or only the EK whistle if that also applies to Danny Makkelie, who is seen as the international successor of Kuipers from the Netherlands. “If Björn is with us, then he wants that Danny also flute”, declares the assistant. “If the UEFA will choose between Danny and Björn, then will I retire.”

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