Jovanotti celebrates moon landing on beach

46a9ae946061c1fb1558194e26cff80f - Jovanotti celebrates moon landing on beach


Jovanotti fourth in september 1969, his third birthday. He is now 52. “The first conscious memory of my life was the night I in front of the tv sat and the moon landing saw. I was three years old and my first memory was the moon, the moon is the beach of the universe,” said Jovanotti Thursday. A month later found the historic festival Woodstock place: ’a new way to be a part of the world’.

Those two events will Jovanotti celebrate with Jova Beach Party. Jovanotti will be in July and August at fifteen places occur, including in Rimini. It is intended that people the whole day hanging around in a traveling village. During the festival, people can dance, swim in the sea and even marry.

Jovanotti has in the Netherlands two had hits: Libera l’anima in 1991 and L’ombelico del mondo in 1995.

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