Josylvio best viewed on YouTube

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YouTube last Thursday, an annual review shared. Dutch hip-hop dominates the rankings, just as with streaming service Spotify. The number Fan of Ronnie, Flex and Famke Louise finished in third place. The clip was 15.5 million views. A parody on it, Fortnite Fan of Vogeljongen, was the best reviewed film out of the music. It was almost 10 million views.

Furthermore saw a lot of Dutch people with a video from Beekse Bergen safari park, where five French tourists were attacked by cheetahs after they get out of their cars and were stepped on. That video is more than 7 million times.

Hello all

Other audience videos were in the Netherlands) welcome song of The Luizenmoeder (“Hello all, so glad you’re there”), the audition of singer Glennis Grace for America’s Got Talent and say goodbye to Humberto Tan in RTL Late Night.

The best viewed music video worldwide, and was the Boté of a group of rappers from Puerto Rico. That clip since april 1.5 billion views. Eight of the ten best-viewed music videos of this year have been in Spanish.

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