’Johnny de Mol, I’m going to quite tackle’

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Danny Froger

“Is it really happening that you are Johnny, the cool tough rockgast, burgerlijker going to be than I? It seems so. Johnny, we’re going to take the time to talk about during your Roast,” says She, who is already warming up. Danny is less subtle: “are you ready, Johnny? Pull your belt but, because I’m quite a tackle!.”

The Roast of Johnny de Mol is on Tuesday 18 december, 20.30 hrs, to seeing on Comedy Central. The Mol is even more frenemies. The last roaster will take place on Friday announced as the Roast Master, that the evening should lead.

Johnny is the third well-known Dutchman who is ’geroast’. In 2016, it was Gordon the first, last year had to Giel Beelen sacrified. The Roast, Or… is get blow over from the United States, there were previously, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Bruce Willis and Pamela Anderson confronted with embarrassing moments and outstanding features.

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