Jeroen Spitzenberger in series on top criminal Stanley H

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Jeroen Spitzenberger

Other major roles are reserved for, among others, Jochum ten Haaf, Egbert-Jan Weeber and Sieger Sloot. Stanley H. is the autumn of 2019 to see on NPO 3.

In Stanley H. the life of one of the most notorious criminals of the Netherlands. The series reconstructs Stanley Hillis’ career: from ’gentleman’ bank robber to unscrupulous drugscrimineel, that ends with his mysterious death in 2011, a winding-up under the eyes of the police. The criminal settlement is still not resolved.

Containers with drugs

The criminal career of Stanley Hillis reached its peak in the nineties during the IRT affair, involving the deliberate release of containers with drugs were allowed to pass. With the help of the Dutch police and the customs traded Hillis for many years, as thousands of kilos of drugs, weapons and explosives. Controversial was his tv performance in the live tv program of Sonja Barend in 1985, just after his escape from the Bijlmerbajes.

Stanley H. produced by the same team of the multiple award-winning drama series The Case of Instruments, among them producer Kaja Wolffers, director Tim Oliehoek and screenwriters Robert Jan Overeem, Jan Harm Dekker and Mascha van Erven. The scenario of Stanley H. was inspired by the book Stanley Hillis Denise Mosbach.

KRO-NCRV launched Thursday morning on social media the first trailer of the series.

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