Jake Gyllenhaal puts first Instagrampost

8ec9810bb19c45c9d7a08e301ef84fa4 - Jake Gyllenhaal puts first Instagrampost

Jake Gyllenhaal

In his first post on the social media reads Jake a comic of Spider-Man. He pretends to be extremely surprised shouted: “Whoa, what the f…” and stops the clip quickly. There were already rumors that the actor in the film, Mysterio would go on to play the bad guy where Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to record in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming from 2017.

Under the photo, joked Jake for a while after the message was posted: “I just realized I don’t Spider-Man go play.” Then joked vakgenoot Ryan Reynolds: “I just realized I also didn’t Spider-Man go play”, to which Jake responded: “You even plays Ryan Reynolds.”

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