Huawei-topvrouw arrested in Canada because they are Iranian sanctions violated would have

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Canada has the CFO arrested by the Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies, at the request of the United States. The woman is suspected that the trade sanctions against Iran has violated. That message the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail Wednesday.

CFO Meng Wanzhou was Saturday arrested in Vancouver. She is risking extradition to the US, says spokesperson Ian McLeod of the public service of justice in a press release. ‘The united states looks for her with the view to extradition, a hearing is Friday planned. Since there is a publicatieverbod, we may have no further details to give at this time. Mix to the ban asked.’

The Globe and Mail quotes an anonymous source ” with knowledge of the arrest’. According to that source would be the U.s. court Mix suspect that they the trade embargo of the USA against Iran was trying to work around. More details are missing. The business newspaper Wall Street Journal writes that the public prosecutor’s office in New York investigated whether Huawei the sanctions against Iran’s policy.

The government-Trump considers Huawei as a threat to the supremacy of the U.S. in the race to the future of mobile communications, reported the Wall Street Journal in april. For example, the government-Trump pressure on Canada and other allies to no Huawei technology to use in their new 5G-telecom networks.

China: ‘Outrage’

Meanwhile, responding to a spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Canada that his country is ‘violently opposed to and protesting against the arrest of the topvrouw of Huawei. ‘Mix has no U.s. or Canadian law, ” says the spokesperson in a press release. “China has a protest lodged with the united states and Canada, and asked to immediately this atrocity to undo, and Mix in freedom.’

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