Grandma Mel B: Piercings port for evil spirits.”

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Mel B

In an interview with Gal-dem looks Mel B back on a visit to her grandmother during the heyday of the Spice Girls. That was less pleasant than expected. “She really is the matriarch…”, starts Mel her story.

“She saw my piercings and tried to directly holy water on me to throw. She cried, ’you are not allowed piercings!” She was it absolutely not agree, and they tried to persuade me to do. According to her, I invited evil spirits out through the piercings in my body.”

Grandma soon found more to complain about. “I think I had a white boyfriend. She has never acknowledged it, I think. The only thing she said was: ’hmmm, is that so?!’”

Although you would expect Mel B to her grandmother, in any case, pride has made with her success with the Spice Girls, the cell that is not the case. “I remember at the beginning of the Spice Girls to my grandmother went. We just had our first number one to tackle. I gave her the cd and put the sound hard, but they asked only, what noise I did hear.”

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