Goalie Orange hopes on world champion

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Loes Geurts

On behalf of the KNVB travel, among others, back Michael van Praag and national coach Wiegman to France to the draw to behold. The 32-year-old Geurts, who during the decisive kwalificatieduels the purpose of Orange defended, remains in Sweden. There football they V/Gothenburg. “It is in my calendar, I’m going to certainly not miss it”, guarantees the most experienced Oranje-international, which already has three european CHAMPIONSHIPS and one world cup experienced.

It is not that Geurts worse will sleep like the Netherlands a titelkandidaat as America or Canada, meets in the pool. “On the contrary even, because that means you’re a big game”, she realizes. “I think it’s good to be against countries play that you normally do not often encounter.”

Read the full interview with Loes Geurts in The Telegraph from Thursday.

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