Freek: ’I found Katja not so exciting’

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Katja Schuurman and Freek van Noortwijk

“I have those photos only be seen after we have sex for the first time had been. They wore in that time a lot of make-up, had those big earrings in and wore those ridiculous extensions… I love not at all. I love very of breasts and buttocks, but they are still happy,” explains Van Noortwijk.

Freek had to wait long for the moment that he breasts and buttocks in full glory should admire. Already after the first quarter on their first date visited Freek and Katja the toilet of his restaurant Guts & Glory for an exciting adventure. Immediately after the date he sought only the pictures of his conquest on.

“I couldn’t leave that adventure to be five hours during the night while the family-app to share. My mother said the following day: “do you Want me never more to five hours nightly appen? I made me completely worried.’ The content of the message, she went completely over.”

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