Film Scholten van Aschat premiered at IFFR

8653299d02f3e129b4320bf3512b41e3 - Film Scholten van Aschat premiered at IFFR

Reinout Scholten van Aschat

Nocturne is about the young director, Alex, who, during a creative crisis, is abandoned by his girlfriend. While he is fighting against the deadline, looking for the essence of his film, he is especially himself. He encounters his own inability to find a balance between reality and his imagination.

The main role is played by Vincent van der Valk (Gluckauf), the brother of Viktor. The director wrote the scenario together with Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, the brother of Reinout. Other roles are played by Simone van Bennekom, Tom Dewispelaere, Bien de Moor and Bart Slegers. The team previously made the award-winning graduation film Onno the Ignorant.


The IFFR, which takes place from 23 January to 3 February, made the past few weeks several titles known. Similarly, the controversial film the Climax of the French director Gaspar Noé premiere in Rotterdam. The film is about a cheerful, dance-evening of a group of students that completely derails if someone from the company lsd in the sangria throws. Within no time degenerates the party in a melting pot of paranoia, fears, desires, violence, blood, sex and zelfmutilatie.

Another great title on the IFFR runs, is the much-acclaimed Lebanese drama Caperneum. The movie is about a poor boy in Lebanon with parents takes flight and finds a home with an Ethiopian refugee and her babyzoontje, won during the Cannes film festival including the Jury prize.

The program is divided into four sections: Bright Future, Voices, Deep Focus, and Perspectives.

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