Feyenoord after resting on a comfortable lead against VVV

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Feyenoord after resting on a comfortable lead against VVV

06 december, 2018 19:25
06-12-18 19:25
Last update: 14 minutes ago
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The club plays Thursday from 20.00 hours the inhaalwedstrijd in your own home against VVV-Venlo. The city’s inhabitants to reduce to a victory, the gap with the leader PSV and runners-up Ajax as a number three respectively seven and five points. Follow everything in this liveblog.

  • Make-up game for Feyenoord and VVV
  • Lights Cockpit fell month ago
  • Restored robin Van Persie scores on comeback
  • Also Vilhena and Larsson accurate
  • Susic makes aansluitingstreffer
  • Feyenoord-VVV 3-1

Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 minutes ago58′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 3-1

Out of nowhere, is suddenly there’s a goal for VVV! Peniel Mlapa puts neatly back and Tino Susic put the ball from outside the penalty area hard and pure in the corner. Justin Bijlow has the whole game not doing anything yet, but here is no chance. Get OT a boost of this goal?Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 6 minutes ago55′ GOAL Feyenoord! 3-0

Sam Larsson performs the lead of the Team further on. The left comes in a characteristic way to the inside and surprised Lars Unnerstall with a shot in the short corner. The Swede seems to be his turn to have found, and scores for the second game in a row.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 13 minutes geleden47′ Everton start the second half with where the rest left off: attack. St. Juste excellent, deep, and controlled by mountain house, but decide to do it yourself in place of Van Persie or Larsson to operate. The shot of the right back ends up in the hands of Unnerstall.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 14 minutes ago

46′ Feyenoord kicks off for the second half against VVV-Venlo. Both teams will be unchanged in the changing rooms, so even goalscorer robin Van Persie remains on the field.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 23 minutes ago

To the dominance of the Team in the first half both in terms of figures to express: the People had a staggering 80 percent possession of the ball for rest and shot fifteen times in the direction of the purpose of TOURIST. These were only four actually on goal, but two goals resulted.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 31 minutes ago

Peace! Feyenoord has little to fear from VVV-Venlo in this make-up game. The Locals find the dressing room with a 2-0-lead. Tonny Vilhena and Robin van Persie found in the first half, the just on behalf of the supreme team and it is hard to imagine that this will continue.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 33 minutes ago

The opening goal from Tonny Vilhena was the 250e Premier-league-goal of the Team under trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst. The Locals now have 21 home games in a row scored in the league.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 35 minutes geleden44′ Bijlow a little bit on the ball, the keeper can be a cross from the right easy tackle. A moment later, pulls Larsson in and fires him on purpose, but Unnerstall is well prepared.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 36 minutes geleden43′ Wigan keeps the accelerator pedal pressed and want for peace is still a goal. VVV can only restrict it to defend, Feyenoord goalkeeper Justin Bijlow has a boring and cold evening up to now.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 37 minutes ago

…and celebrates with the supporters at the grandstand. It is the seventh goal of the season for robin Van Persie. Six of them fell into The Cockpit.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 38 minutes ago

Robin van Persie shoot the 2-0 within…Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 41 minutes geleden37′ Of Brook calls the forces on which he did not know that he had them and plays beautifully, a man from the dead ball line. The first move of the central defender is especially hard in a place of pure and can be weggetrapt by VVV.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 42 minutes ago

Tonny Vilhena celebrates his opening goal against VVV. Meanwhile, Robin van Persie the margin been doubled for Feyenoord.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago,33′ GOAL Feyenoord! 2-0

Feyenoord draws the match with two quick hits. The ball falls out of a corner to the feet of Robin van Persie and the returning striker changes his mind. The captain pulls out quickly with the right and see the ball in the corner in bounce. Feyenoord is the boss in your own home and seems to have the three points all within have to have.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

31′ The first half hour has almost completely played on the half of OT. The advantage of the Team is therefore not surprising, the Venlonaren their tactics to adapt?Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago,28′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-0

It was inevitable, but Feyenoord has a little help from VVV. Nils Röseler estimates a high pass of Rajiv van la parra not good at it, and let the ball of his chest roles. The walking Tonny Vilhena is on alert and shoot the ball hard through the legs of Lars Unnerstall to be handsome within.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden27′ Feyenoord comes closer to the goal of Unnerstall, but for the moment, is there still a Limburg leg or head between as the city’s inhabitants, the decisive pass to give or try to take it out. VVV seems to have come for a point.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden22′ The first moment where the audience just by bounces. A low shot distance of the mountain house flies not so crazy far apart. Feyenoord unscrew the pressure on VVV slowly.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

21′ Van Persie is very active in the first twenty minutes. The captain is eager, still aanspeelbaar and fight some tough duels with the TOURIST defenders. To large opportunities leads the not, however, how long can the 35-year-old attacker could exploit this to continue?Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden17′ St. Juste is already back on the field. The first thing he does is his socks with both hands firmly opsjorren, so with his wrist and shoulder will be okay.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden16′ St. Juste goes after a duel with Cave down in the penalty area, but Higler see there is no penalty. The defender of Feyenoord is quite annoying on the ground and has equal need of care. He seems to suffer from his wrist and shoulder.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

14′ Feyenoord cherishes by far the most possession in the opening stages, but the Rotterdammers still no hole in the close-knit defence of VVV.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden6′ The reclusive playing TOURIST office might be able to smell the first chance of the match, but in the transition is the dieptepass of Moreno Rutten worthless, allowing Feyenoord back in possession of the ball.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden5′ The rain has now largely ceased, but the field is through the downpour during the warm-up, very slippery. Watch out for the keepers and so on bar to shoot through the balls.

Weather, though… 🌧
🔜 #feyvvv


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen19:56 – 6 december 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden3′ The lighting of The Cockpit to keep the in any case already now longer than a month ago.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geleden1′ The ball is rolling in the wet Tub, Feyenoord and VVV started their inhaalwedstrijd from the eleventh round.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

The match of tonight is a little imagination and a topper. Number three Feyenoord reduces to a victory, the gap with PSV and Ajax respectively to seven and five points. Number seven TOURIST can in points equal with number six Vitesse and number five FC Utrecht. To those two clubs is to go beyond, there must be tonight, however, will be very thick be won.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour ago

Still a few minutes until the kick off in Rotterdam, where the now firm is going to rain.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · one hour geledenVVV-Venlo can be a bit of an angstgegner for Feyenoord. Of all the teams where the Locals are more than five matches against played, they have only against Ajax with a worse balance sheet than against the Venlonaren. Last season took the Task a point in The Bowl (1-1).

36 – @Feyenoord’s win ratio against VVV-Venlo in the Eredivisie is 36% (W15 D14 L13), their second-worst ratio against all teams which they with at least five times, after Ajax (23%). Antagonist.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:30 – 6 december 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord-trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst is happy that Robin van Persie can play again, especially now that Nicolai Jörgensen drops out with a hamstring injury. “Robin is further than Sunday. We will see how long he can sustain it. Of course, it is very important that he is back,” said Van Bronckhorst for the inhaalwedstrijd against VVV-Venlo. The coach wants his players a similar performance on the mat as last Sunday against PSV (2-1 win). “It will be a whole different game, but we want to be like Sunday again. The difference is with PSV and Ajax, this is where we need to work.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

Due to the many injuries at VVV-Venlo is the seventeen-year-old Sem Steijn tonight on the bench during the game with Feyenoord. Indeed, the son of coach Maurice Steijn, who is his son for the first time in the selection has taken since the midfielder was rented at ADO Den Haag.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geledenOok the Venlonaren refer with a touch to the last time that Feyenoord and VVV, met in Rotterdam.

Second attempt!
💡 We are in any case already well prepared to The Cockpit!


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen19:02 – 6 december 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours geledenVoorlopig to operate the lighting in The Cockpit is optimal.

‘And then… there was light!’ 💡


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen18:44 – 6 december 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

Also the preparation of VVV-Venlo is known. The society makes the eighteen-year-old Evert Linthorst are basisdebuut in an official duel of the Venlonaren. He replaces the injured Danny Post. Trainer Maurice Steijn can not have Ralf Seuntjens, who is replaced by Martin Samuelsen.

Preparation VVV-Venlo: Unnerstall; Rutten, Promes, Röseler, Borgmann; Linthorst, Bridges, Susic; Samuelsen, Mlapa, Cave.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours ago

The preparation of the Team for the inhaalwedstrijd against VVV-Venlo is known. The to his hamstring injured Nicolai Jörgensen is not there, the Dane is in the striker replaced by the correct of injuries recovered Robin van Persie. Full-Tyrell Malacia is suspended, his place is taken by Calvin Verdonk.

Preparation Feyenoord: Bijlow; St. Juste, Van Beek, Van der Heijden, Verdonk; van la parra, Toornstra, Vilhena; Berghuis, Van Persie, Larsson.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours geledenOm 20.00 pick up Feyenoord and VVV-Venlo in their mutual match in, after which a month ago was stopped because the lighting in The Cockpit is higher. Robin van Persie was there since after seven minutes abandoned match is not more on the field before the citizens of Rotterdam because of injury, but it is there again tonight.

Evening, Robin! 🙋♂️


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