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“Ferrari had with Lewis Hamilton champion.”

365bea130c4ba7d16d25b7165980bdbb - "Ferrari had with Lewis Hamilton champion."

According to former Ferrari boss Luci di Montezemolo would be Ferrari, with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel this year champion. The Brit crowned this year in his Mercedes for the fifth time world champion as Sebastian vettel and Ferrari satisfied had to do with the second place.

“This year he made Hamilton the difference, and that in his best season since his debut,” says former Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo compared to the Italian radio station ‘RAI’.

“He has weak moments, as moments of crisis, but this year he would be with Ferrari have won. I don’t say that to Vettel to belittle, he has the chance to fight back with a competitive car.”

Despite the fact that Ferrari next to the title has gripped the former Ferrari boss also have a lot of respect for what Ferrari the last few years has achieved. Ferrari succeeded after all in to the gap with Mercedes to be sealed.

“This Ferrari is a completely different than the Ferrari that I in October 2014, went, sure what the mentality concerns,” said Luca di Montezemolo. “Ferrari built this year, a good car that at some moments even better than Mercedes. They missed, however the last piece.”

“Vettel has made some decisive mistakes, but for the world championships you need to constantly be top. He is, however, a rider to the absolute top in europe and is still very close to the team.”

Montezemolo has also worked with Michael Schumacher and still is a close friend of the seven times F1 champion. He compares the situation of Vettel with Schumacher.

“Schumacher made during his early days mistakes but it is important to have clear language to speak in the dressing room and publicly the team to support,” concluded the former Ferrari boss.

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