Facebook supports topvrouw that controversial research into billionaire commanded: ‘Actions were appropriate’

5d47645f78e0f4fe315a0ec329ef8941 - Facebook supports topvrouw that controversial research into billionaire commanded: 'Actions were appropriate'

Sheryl Sandberg, the number two internet company Facebook on Wednesday the strong support received from the board of directors of the company. Sandberg is under fire for her role in an internal investigation of billionaire George Soros.

“The actions of ms. Sandberg were completely appropriate for her role as number two,” says the board of directors in a letter to the chairman of the foundation of George Soros, Patrick Gaspard. Who had public apologies demanded after the press had revealed that Facebook Definers had turned on, a communication company with bad reputation. Definers had to Facebook from the wind and convert in the affair of the Russian manipulation of the social network in the presidential election in 2016.

Definers had tried for the attacks against the social network to link to George Soros, the favorite target of Republicans and the extreme right. Soros was repeatedly the victim of anti-semitic attacks. The contract with Definers is now dissolved.

Sandberg denied initially that she was aware of the activities of Definers. After new revelations from the New York Times, she had to finally admit that they have the research to the billionaire had ordered.

They argued that Soros during a speech in January 2018 in the Swiss Davos Facebook a ‘threat to society’. Sandberg wanted to know whether the billionaire the company attacked to make profit out of it.

The board of directors of Facebook now says that it is therefore indeed appropriate to the investigation. ‘As a well-known and virulent investor your company public attack, is the correct and proper to this kind of research.”

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