European ambition for more stringent surveillance of external borders ‘not realistic’

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It is ‘not realistic’ by 2020, ten thousand European coast guards on the leg. That have several European ministers of the Interior Thursday let means at a meeting in Brussels.

The European Commission had in september proposed to a higher gear to enable the development of a European cross – Border and Kustwachtagentschap. To the European external borders to protect, would the agency, according to her, already in 2020, about ten thousand operational employees must have.

That ambition is “not feasible,” she said Thursday at the Austrian secretary Herbert Kickl, which is currently the meetings of the ministers leads. “I think that 10.000 is a good number, but the question is in what time frame and how we number them.’

Kickl said that he and the other ministers to a compromise that works for the schedule to adjust. In the plan of the European Commission would be the agency in 2020, about 1.500 permanent staff, and in addition appeal to 8,500 employees seconded by the member states. By 2027, the number of permanent staff will be increased to 3,000.

‘Utopian promises’

Also other ministers signed a reservation with the quick time-frame. “We have no utopian promises,’ the German said Horst Seehofer, who, by 2025, to the front and shoved in as an achievable goal. Germany would, according to the plan of the Commission, more than 1,200 border guards must provide.

In addition, countries at the external borders, such as Italy, Greece and Hungary, apprehensive for their sovereignty over their territory. The Commission claims the power to, without the consent of the concerned member state noodinterventie to launch when that member state in a crisis, no longer would be able to have limits sufficient to protect.

Financial aid

In anticipation of a compromise reached by the ministers on Thursday it already has two deelakkoorden about the agency. That will support the member states in the return of those without right to asylum. That may in financial terms, but also in identification or to obtain the necessary travel documents.

In addition, the agency for the first time, also active in third countries which do not border with the European Union.

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