Eijer: ’it just ended’

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Fortuna Sittard-trainer René Eijer (r) and his assistant Kevin Hofland.

He then worked as a youth coach and a scout, especially on the background. Eijer enjoy now to the fullest of the Premier league adventure with Fortuna Sittard, even though it is physically heavier than he was used to. “But it is to do. There are things that are too heavy. The veldtraining give I can not more and, therefore, it is good that we are working in teamwork. Some parts take Kevin Hofland and Kristof Aelbrecht for their account, other things I do again and a lot of what we do together. That works great, because each has its own qualities.”

Eijer and Hofland have a special bond. Over twenty years ago was the head coach of Fortuna are current assistant as youth under his wing. “That was in the highest youth team. I remember very well that his father Hub him of the football, and threatened to pick up, because he did not at the secondary school. I said: ’Do not be silly, Kevin, is a boy who the qualities has for the football to get it.” But his dad insisted that he did his graduation and he was, of course, immediately, because the football is an uncertain adventure. If you – as happened to me – a disease or you tear a cruciate ligament, it also can just last. Then it is good that you have a diploma.”

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