Eiffel tower closed due to yellow vests

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PARIS – The eiffel tower in Paris is Saturday are closed to the public in connection with the protests in the French capital, of the movement of the ’yellow vests’. The announced demonstrations set the direction of the eiffel tower will not be able to see the “visitors in safe conditions to greet,” according to a statement from the owners of the attraction

An agent at the eiffel tower.

The movement of the ’yellow vests’, which among other things demonstrates against the high fuel prices, the supporters via the internet, called up Saturday, back on the street. Last weekend was a protest in Paris completely out of hand, but this weekend is ’total war’ is expected.

According to the French authorities is a hard core of several thousand radical Yellow Bibs ready to capital to turn it into one big smoking mess. Other attractions in the city remain close. That happens at the expense of the police. It comes to a dozen museums, including the Grand Palais, the Opera and shops in the centre.

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