Dutchman should process Mandela in animations convert

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Nelson Mandela

In The State Against Mandela & the Others, that starting from Thursday in Dutch cinemas, the Rivoniaproces in which Mandela was sentenced to life in prison, will be reconstructed. The sound, distilled from 256 hours of interrogation, by Van Cuijlenborg feature of expressionist animations.

The Dutchman has lived long in Paris and was through being approached for the special project, that earlier this year at the Cannes film festival for the world premier. “It is an impressive part of the history where I had a face to have to give,” he says. “An important guideline was that the image is not important should be then the sound.”

Last survivors

Director Nicolas Champaux discovered the audio recordings of the process on the track. In South-Africa have been in the sixties all cases tape-recorded. Because the material is almost in ruins, were the ties in Paris to be digitized.. When the creators decided to make a documentary about the process, they are directly – without the funding round was – traveled to South Africa, with the last survivors of the process to talk. “That was a bold but smart decision,” says Van Cuijlenborg. “Two of the three main actors died before the film was finished.”

The preparatory work for the animations took about a year. The Dutchman tried as many photos as possible of the stakeholders to find and should also browse through the archive of the next of kin. “The wife of one of the convicts had during the process drawings created,” he explains. “But secretly, for it was at that time forbidden to the court to draw.”

The State vs Mandela & The Others runs from Thursday in Dutch cinemas.

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