Dutch Moroccans threaten Achmed Akkabi because homorol

3ddbbbef6e30a05cdbb1007469f60fbe - Dutch Moroccans threaten Achmed Akkabi because homorol

Achmed Akkabi

Achmed shared Wednesday night two videos on Twitter, with dozens of negative responses, which can be found on the private Facebook page of Moroccans Together (95.000 members). “When you (Moroccan) actor in a ‘gay’character plays, reacts a part of the Dutch-Moroccan community as follows,” writes Ahmed in his post.

The 35-year-old actor is initially praised for his role in the series Mocro Mafia, but when someone refers to an old article about the movie Chez Nous (2013), in which Achmed is a homosexual play, there is a tsunami of homophobic messages, addressed to the address of the Dutch actor with a Moroccan background.

Alive skinning

So writes Yasmine: “I wish his family and parents a lot of strength with this heavy trial. Gatver! You would have your son seen kissing a man and then still have the idea that acquaintances of you probably have seen. What do you mean, your soul sold? I am embarrassed when when Moroccan actors in a seksscène play, let alone this. Bah!” Facebook-user Abdel’s threat, and asks the question: “Who is this Facebook-patrons is going to be a hit team?”

The actor is furthermore several times called ‘kech’ or ‘whore’, and Najim – that Achmed ‘failed dog’ – a ‘fitting punishment’: “His family need him massively alive skinning and twenty high throw!” Also on Twitter get the actor a lot of along: “Homosexuality is a disease and will never never be accepted in our faith.”


Meanwhile, flows on Twitter the statements of support within. “What a sadness”, writes Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher. “Good that you have this show but this taboo must be broken. In schools. By role models. By parents to speak to them.” NOS-correspondent Mustafa Marghadi says: “This is so fucked up. Achmed is a beast of an actor.”

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