Down the snow: Dieter Coppens and Kevin on the road for The Warmest Week

One picks up specially for The warmest week off with a Down-the-snow, a sponsorship from Tuesday, december 18, online to follow is through the channels of One. Dieter Coppens and Kevin of the heart-warming One program Down the road pulling their winter coats and travel during The hottest week of the fairy tale, Finnish Rovaniemi to Belgium. In seven days time will this duo already, hitchhiking a journey of 2,700 kilometres of the coldest place to the warmest place in Europe: the provinciaal domein Puyenbroek in Wachtebeke. They do this of course not just. The whole of Flanders can encourage them by text message to 4342 or a map to buy So they are supporting two charities of The warmest week: Come on against cancer and non-down Syndrome Flanders.

Kevin chose to Come on against cancer, an organization that many means for him. Up close he is, how his mother’s fight against this terrible disease. Dieter wants its heroes with down syndrome in the spotlight. In the Down the road has a Dieter people with Down’s syndrome to better know and therefore wants to vzw down Syndrome Flanders support. Viewers will be able to Dieter and Kevin are supporting to send text message to 4342 or a map to buy

Dieter Coppens: I have a lot of meaning in to get back out with my friend Kevin. Down the road my life has surely changed and I hope with this action to do the same for other people.

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