Deaths due to floods in Cyprus

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ATHENS – Due to floods in the north of Cyprus are at least two people to the life to come. According to the Turkish-Cypriot media were the victims in a car by the raging water and was swept away. The island since Tuesday, was ravaged by severe weather, with hail and excessive rain. Residents said not to be able to recall that it was previously so bad.

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Local flooding due to plensbuien is not uncommon in Cyprus, but persistent flooding are rare. The forecasts for the short term continue to be bad. ,,In a few minutes the time changed to beautiful sunshine in the freezing cold, with thunder and lightning in the distance”, as described by an inhabitant of the Turkish part of the island the weeromslag.

Through social media, images circulated of vehicles that the sea is in his flushed and streets that are turned into rivers. The people try with sandbags, the damage to home and hearth to restrict. Also in the capital, Nicosia could be the normally dry riverbeds of the water. A part of the highway to Kyrenia was closed. Many schools continued to Thursday close.

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