Changes in AZ: “There are no more excuses’

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John van den Brom

“Excuses are no longer there for” hands”, says coach John van den Brom in the run-up to the duel with the number 10 of the Premier league. “The pressure of the defeat against Willem II, to take you to Sittard, but not more than that. In this group are very much friends of each other and the boys have especially talked. What on and off the field must be different, and different can. That is easy as you well know.”


Van den Brom gave it possible to do something to change his team compared to the match lost against the people of tilburg. “I think so yes, but I keep that to myself for a while. Bjørn Johnsen is still not fit and is now training another individual. Ron Vlaar is last Sunday again connected with the group training and would be able to play.”

After fourteen rounds state of AZ eighth and that Of the Hum is far too low. “That is absolutely not where we want to be, let’s be clear. That simply can not and is not good enough.” If AZ in Sittard lose, the by Fortuna on goal difference passed.

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