CELEBRITIES flock to Masters of LXRY

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Davina Michelle was asked to perform at Masters of LXRY

Mr. Probz is also present because his name has been connected to a champagnemerk. In addition, there are again this year with performances by a number of stars. Thus, Glennis Grace, Romy Monteiro and Davina Michelle along to sing.

According to organiser Yves Gijrath want everyone who has something to offer in the field of luxury products there, too. The event in the Amsterdam RAI continues to grow, and then again this year, bigger than previous editions, with more than a hundred firsts.

Record number of visitors

There are about 15 percent more exhibitors than last year, 450 companies in total, on a total surface of 42,500 square meters. Gijrath is counting on a record number of 55,000 visitors from home and abroad. The end of the growth is not yet in sight: “We already have so many applications for the coming years.”

With still a few hours to go until the opening night, where, according to tradition, the nine thousand vips make their appearance, are still working to bring everything to the last detail in order to make it on the show floor. Luxury cars to be polished and mopped the floor. The most exclusive car on the stock exchange, a blue McLaren Senna, with a price tag of 1 million euros, is still covered by a sleeve.

Prince Bernhard jr.

Except the car is the boat market, which is a big dip just because of the economic crisis, are well represented. Among others, prince Bernhard jr. is present with his botenmerk. Also, there is a lot of real estate to find. Remarkable is the presence of a 66 million year old dinosaur of natural history. Who wants to, can the museum take you on a journey. Against payment of 25,000 euros, interested parties can, for example, digging for dino’s in the Rocky Mountains, according to Gijrath. The money will be donated to research.

And who something exotic looking for in the Maldives on a private island that a Czech entrepreneur had transformed into a luxury paradise. Singer Rihanna slept there last and the rooms vary from 2000 to 33.000 euros per night.

Following on from last year there is once again a pop-uprestaurant. In this 34-star restaurant’ cooking in the coming days in various compositions nineteen Dutch top chefs, who together account for 34 Michelin stars. Last year, the coffee shop is still ’only’ 21 stars in total.

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