CELEBRITIES burning lantern

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Joling is doing this for his good friend Kathy, who is being treated for breast cancer: “I wish her incredible strength, courage, and strength in this difficult period. My lantern burns for her,” says the singer.

In addition to Gerard donate also Wilfred Genee, Jeroen Quickly, Fidan Ekiz, Peter van der Vorst, Mirella van Markus, Dennis Want, Caroline Tensen, Olcay Gülşen and René van Kooten a lantern. They have a video about who they have their lamp burning. The clips are from Thursday evening on tv and online.

Heart of physalis

Mayor Mark Roëll of Baarn gives Thursday night in the garden of Soestdijk Palace the go-ahead. At the end of the action will be on the 28th of december in the gardens ’ the biggest heart of lantern, of the Netherlands’ are inflamed.

During the campaign, the public can get online a lamp donate. On the lantern is the name written from someone who is there by cancer, a support in the back or on top of it. The lanterns are placed in the middle of the garden pricked to the heart.

“So we think during the dark days of the year to people who we miss, people who are now to do with cancer, and to everyone else that extra support can be used in this period”, says DUTCH. With the proceeds funding the FIGHT ’new breakthroughs’ in cancer research.

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