Caustic criticism on Gwyneth Paltrow for the practice of yoga

d2abdc9c51103e7aed64939143cbc231 - Caustic criticism on Gwyneth Paltrow for the practice of yoga

Paltrow claims that she has contributed to the yoga tree in the USA

One of America’s best hindoegeleerden has Gwyneth Paltrow been attacked for the fact that they in a recent interview credit has been claimed for the yoga tree in that country. Paltrow said in an interview that they are partly responsible for the increased interest in yoga.

The note of Paltrow fell into the wrong earth at yogaliefhebbers. Who called her an ‘idiot’ for claiming a thousands of years old Indian tradition.

Hindoegeleerde Raja Zed called the the idea that Paltrow has contributed to the rise of yoga as a ‘delusion’. “The facts are quite contradictory to her peculiar idea. Traces of yoga go 4000 years back, and have their origin in the Indus valley. In USA yoga is already in vogue long before Gwyneth Paltrow there foot on earth before. They should know that humility is the virtue of a true yoga practitioner because yoga the dangers of arrogance and pride relieve,” says Zed.

Zed, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, adds: “Yoga is a mental and physical discipline which the human soul with the universal soul connects. It did it fine without the help of Paltrow. Yoga leads the practitioner from awareness of the outside world to a focus on the inner, while Paltrow just the opposite did. They should be aware that yoga aims to free the mind from anger, lust, fear, greed, jealousy, and melancholy.”

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