Cat, James, or Leen: who will win the finale of Dancing With The Stars?

8574b31108b92c5948bbbece2c614667 - Cat, James, or Leen: who will win the finale of Dancing With The Stars?

The past seven weeks saw a whopping average 586.345 viewers (25.3% of market share) Kat Kerkhofs, James Cooke and Leen Dendievel their dansziel expose their legs at all drowsy dance, and especially delightful dance moves from their bodies swinging. Tomorrow is D-day for them in the finals of Dancing With The Stars. The final promises to be a fierce battle with two new dance and a dance chosen by the viewers, but not all of the finalists get the end of the show: one of them must be the match halfway through to leave. It is all or nothing at all in the ultimate dance-off, because only the votes of the viewers at home – on the advice of the jury to determine the winner. Who crown is the largest dansbeest and take the trophy home?

A style that they have over the last few weeks have not danced and is an ultimate freestyle. That is the finalistentrio to wait in the first part of the show. James and Björk put a stylish Viennese waltz down to ‘Feeling Good’ by Avicii and do the freestyle on the show of ‘What About Us’, P!NK. Cat and Nick jiven loose on ‘Tough Lover’ by Christina Aguilera and ‘Dernière Danse’ by Indila sounding in the studio during their freestyle. Leen and Andrei have finally a quickstep to ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald. The instrumental version of ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ by Michael Jackson is the song for the freestyle. After their dance is the first danskoppel on the basis of the number of votes. Afterwards, pick up the remaining finalists perform for the last time, all out of the closet with a dance from their extensive list of achievements of the past few weeks, chosen by the viewers.

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