Cardi B shows baby after break-up with Offset

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Cardi B

Tuesday night made Cardi in a video known that Offset and they are. “We are good friends and we are good business partners,” says the rapper, “We have a lot of love for each other, but it works for a long time already is not more between us. We are no longer in love.”

In an interview with Apple’s Music told the rapper in October that they have an offer of “seven figures” for a picture of the face of Kulture had rejected. “My husband and I want our baby to just not show,” she stated then. The two had a few snapshots shared on which the hands and feet of the baby were visible.

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Wednesday shared Cardi a picture of Kulture in a car seat. “My heart,” she wrote with the picture, to which the small a bib wearing with her name on it.

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