Bizarre: Man cough literally part of long off

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California – The lungs out coughing, that was for a man in California, was the bitter reality. He was admitted because of palpitations and coughed then literally a part of his lung out of the body.

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Surgeons of the San Francisco Medical Center published a report about the case study in the renowned medical journal New England Journal of Medicine. It appears that the 36-year-old patient in the hospital due to chronic heart failure. His heart valve was already replaced with an artificial one.

During his first opnameweek coughed on time blood and mucous. That ultimately resulted in the coughing up of a part of his right bronchus. That luchtwegvertakking provide for the distribution of inhaled air in the lungs.

Human lungs are too big to pass through the trachea to slip. Therefore, it is not possible to have the body fully in tact on coughing. There is a chance that during a severe onset of coughing any part of the lungs between the ribs is pushed. Then it may be that this part comes out.

The man died a week after the violent onset of coughing from the complications of his heart failure.

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