Bayern-superintendents: ’We need a good result in Amsterdam

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

“After five games we are the leader in the group. That is allowed after the sixth duel is no different”, adds Rummenigge against the clubkanalen. “We need a good result in Amsterdam. As a leader you get a much better starting position for the knock-out stages. The team who as the second ends, get a much heavier opponent.”

From the knock-out stages is the videoscheidsrechter in the miljoenbal entered. “I have the advent of the VAR to the Champions League is always encouraged,” says the ex-footballer. “It is a chance to take the sport more serious and more honest. We have Bayern Munich, a good reason to encourage as we look at our last match against Real Madrid.”

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“I want there not to even talk about this, but the decisions that were made were very strange”, says Rummenigge back. “A VAR probably had other choices led to which we do the next round reached.”

Europa League 2

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Bullet through the church: UEFA comes with non-European clubtoernooi

UEFA decided this week to the introduction of a third European tournament for club teams. Rummenigge is pleased to have the ’Europa League 2’ is realized. “I see that that decision is a lot of criticism, but I think it is a good decision. It is created for some teams European experience and the chance to earn some money. I think it’s the solidarity in Europe increases.”

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