Apologies Natalie Portman to Jessica Simpson

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Natalie Portman

In an interview with USA Today earlier this week, ” Natalie said that she used to be in the war he became cover images of Jessica. “I remember as a teenager bladencovers saw of Jessica Simpson in her bikini, posed, and said, “I’m still a virgin’, and that confused me. I didn’t know what they are me that as a woman, as a girl wanted to tell.”

Jessica was not happy with those statements and responded on Instagram. “I was always taught to be myself and to respect that women in different ways, so I then – and now – believe that sexy pose in a bikini and be proud of my body is not the same as sex.”

The singer showed Natalie subtly know that they are at this time not appropriate found such reactions to get. “I make other women not to dishonor their choices. In this period of Time’s Up and in the midst of all the good work you do for women, I advise you to do the same.”

The message came on to Natalie. “I totally agree with you that women should dress and behave how they want without being judged. I tried only to say that I as a young girl, the media confusing found. It was not my intention to confound, and I offer my apologies if I’ve hurt”, says the actress, who said “nothing but respect” for Jessica to have.

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