Anna Nooshin confirms new love

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Nassim shares on Instagram a photo showing the two together with a lot of cushion. And as if this image is not enough says, he puts there the telltale text ’Mine’.

Last summer, he broke Anna’s relationship of thirteen years with Danny Roumimper. “Want Danny and I to let you know that we, after 13 beautiful years, loving to have chosen from. There is no question of sensation, we have mega respect for each other and there is a lot of love between us,” she wrote at the time.

Shortly afterwards, it seemed to Anna again, to over her ears in love, but she was silent in all keys in all about the new man in her life. Thanks to a New York tattoo artist quickly became clear who her heart again faster did knock.

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In October he placed a photo of Anna and Nassim with the text ’Love’. From other pictures is clear that he is the initialenvan the one for the other on the wrist. So there is at Nassim’AN’ to see and Anna is decorated with the letters ’NZ’. Shortly afterwards, it had all the appearance of the two on holiday together in Bali.

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