“And now you hear minister Van Engelshoven not’

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Achmed Akkabi

Whilst they are there as the chickens had to respond to jokes of Johan Derksen, which he made in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside. She said in a debate with Johan Derksen – what they later afzegde, because they are the context of the program is not the right thought for a call – now she has on social media not yet responded to the tweet by actor Achmed Akkabi. He shared in his tweet insults and threats from the private facebook group of Moroccans gathered Together, that he got a role as a gay security guard in a movie from 2013.

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Twitter users speak to her accordingly. “Work to be done for minister Van Engelshoven,” says someone. “Wonder if Van Engelshoven now also with them a hearty word wants to speak. Or that only applies for #JohanDerksen?” Others fall in: “Here you have what to do / take a position. Instead of cheap scoring with Johan Derksen.” Another emphasized that, with the words: “These are the people that gays abuse.” “Indeed, and now you hear her not.”

Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher and sports journalist Barbara Barend have their horror pronounced.

Johan Derksen was last week under fire because he is in the voetbalprogramma Veronica Inside jokes made about gays, and suggested that ” gays should stop pretending that it is so difficult to come out of the closet. Also, they would, according to him, some more self-mockery should have. With the hashtag #SorryJohan shared many showing their coming out stories.Van Engelshoven supported the lgbt’ers then and called it ’embarrassing how careless Derksen are hurtful statements’.

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Also, deputy prime minister Hugo de Young joins in the fuss statements.

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