Americans say goodbye to former president George H. W. Bush

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In the National Cathedral of Washington was Wednesday, the staatsbegrafenis place of ex-president George H. W. Bush. With military honours, the coffin from the Capitol to behave. In the surrounding streets were a lot of people samengestroomd to the deceased the last honors to prove it.

In addition to president Donald Trump and first lady Melania also take the ex-presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as German chancellor Angela Merkel and prince Charles to the rouwplechtigheid part.

The Trumps names woensdagvoormiddag place on the first row next to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The couples greeted each other briefly, it was on television. In addition to the Obama’s were the other two Democratic ex-presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and their wives. Not much later, there arrived the car with the coffin of Bush for the cathedral.

Bush died Friday at age 94 in his home in Houston (Texas). He was the 41st president of the United States and ruled from 1989 to 1993.

Decency and sincerity

During the ceremony, gave his oldest son George W., the 43rd president of the United States – a speech. “He showed me what it means to be a president with integrity, with courage and lead with love in the heart, is acting for the citizens of our country,” he said. “Your decency, sincerity and a friendly soul will rest in your mind forever.’ He also pointed to his father’s ‘tremendous energy’ and sense of humor. “Let us in our sorrow smile, knowing that dad Robin cuddles and the hand of ma is holding.’ Bush refers this way to the death in april of his mother Barbara and his sister, Robin, at age 3, died of leukemia.

Also George H. W. Bushs biographer Jon Meacham came to the word. He told an anecdote about the military service of the former president, who as a 20-year-old fighter pilot was rescued from the Pacific Ocean after his plane in september 1944 from the air was shot, and then wondering why he was saved. “The rest of his life was a battle to prove that he was worth it”, says Meacham.

Fall Berlin wall

The former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney praised Bush as a sincere and honorable leader. “When George Bush was president of the United States, knew really all the government that they are with a gentleman, a real leader, that a name had been made and determined and brave.’ Mulroney pointed to the importance of those properties in the events in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. According to the Canadian former head of government was the unification of Germany one of the most complex and sensitive events of the 20th century.

Bush was after the end of the ceremony, transferred to the airport to get your body about to fly to Houston. Thursday he is buried in the family grave at Barbara Bush.

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