‘Wolvenroedel’ also doesn’t appeal sentenced for rape

81ef23837626083088d30c83733d21e7 - ‘Wolvenroedel’ also doesn't appeal sentenced for rape

The five men who are accused of gang rape, continue to be guilty of the less serious offense of ‘sexual abuse’. That decided a Spanish court Wednesday, a court of appeal. Spaniards are calling for Wednesday night to protest against the controversial verdict.

The victim went in appeal against the judgment. The judges of the Spanish Supreme court assented to it on Wednesday that the sexual interactions occurred without the consent of the victim. Nevertheless, they follow the earlier ruling that there is no evidence of rape, but of sexual abuse.

On 7 July 2016 was an eighteen-year-old woman in Spain by five men in an alley raped. She was later crying, left behind on a bench. The men filmed the whole event and shared the videos in a Whatsapp group.

Because the victim according to the judges, a ‘passive attitude’ and had not self-defense, ruled the judges, that there was no rape, but of sexual abuse, a lighter qualification for sex with someone who does not consent. In Spain, there is only question of rape if there is evidence of violence or intimidation.

Thousands of people protested in april against the lighter punishment and called for ‘rape’ is wider to be defined in the Spanish law. In June there was again protested when the men on bail were released. There is still Wednesday night back to argue.

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