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Witty and shocking: Depardieu shines in Préparez Vos Mouchoirs

1682ad7668e09184e7f55f4b3326c740 - Witty and shocking: Depardieu shines in Préparez Vos Mouchoirs

The bizarre portrait of Matthijs Wognum, a funny and shocking film with a young Gérard Depardieu or a documentary about the prison of Durham. There is Wednesday, there is a wide range of choice on television.


Canvas 23.15-0.05 hour

The prison of Durham dates back to 1819 and has not the best reputation. It didn’t get better when a documentary maker Paddy Wivell half a year former team. He made a three-part atmosphere, full of drugs, violence and self-mutilation. Nice.


Arte 20.55-22.45 hours

Equally strange, witty as a shocking film of Bertrand Blier. Dating back to a long gone period of time (1978) when actor Gérard Depardieu are single employee could still see without a mirror.


NPO 2 22.55-0.00 hours

Documentary filmmaker Tim Bary graduated with this bizarre portrait of one Matthijs Wognum, a man that his youth had been bullied, friends found in the ‘gabberscene’, but there are also dreams of a concert pianist. A bit like Thomas plays hard, but much harder.

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