’Within Temptation got money from Russian witwasbedrijf’

8dfa5588d62eaea6e8e956edf75bc44c - ’Within Temptation got money from Russian witwasbedrijf’

Within Temptation

They think that the suspect flow is part of the so-called Magnitsky fraud, which in 2008 came to light. The meanwhile, in a cell death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky discovered that Russian government officials 230 million dollars of taxpayers ‘ money had been stolen. NRC and Zembla, investigated showing how suspicious Russian money flows in to Dutch companies were, among others, the metal band from Waddinxveen.

Within Temptation was pre-paid on the account of the former management of the band, AT Productions. “We did in that time quite a lot of concerts. No one has seen that the sender was unknown and the description did not fit”, says Raymond Rijnaars of AT Productions. In an image of the NRC is to see that the remarkable description was: ’building materials’.

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