Who dances to the semi-finals of Dance As One?

24f8783b6f2a0342cfbf13a1f8eca277 - Who dances to the semi-finals of Dance As One?

5 crews are in the running for the top prize of 50,000 euro 2SDC Crew, Aira Ensemble and The Revolutionary along Flemish side and The CDK and Oxygen from the Netherlands. From Wednesday the 5th of december turns Dance As One a higher gear. In the quarterfinals start the elimination race really and 1 crew irrevocably. Also in the choreography is raising the bar a bit higher. The groups must not only synchronously dancing with themselves, but also with an attribute.

2SDC Crew bites the striker in round 1, in which the crews in their own style and self-selected music and dancing. Can captain Mike – according to judge Timor “the funk doctor” – the audition of the group, exceed? Aira Ensemble does not to the warning of Jan Kooijman, and processed again a lot of pirouettes in their dance. “We they all pretty equal try to run”, sounds. The Revolutionary may be the only crew mention of the jury, a fat 10 for their audition. The expectations are so high-strung…

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