Walking Dead-actor adopts donkey and emu

892a705d7656c9a4ec905f2c0dbde3dc - Walking Dead-actor adopts donkey and emu

After the sudden disappearance of their owner, were Jack and Diana recorded by the asylum in the hope of giving them a new place to give. The carers there were, however, soon discovered that the animals simply cannot live without the other wanted to live. A new home would be so whether the two animals should adopt, or the Jack and Diane would have to live without each other.

“Jack and Diane sleeping and cuddling together”, shows Jennifer Gordon of the American Carolina Waterfowl Rescue-asylum of The Charlotte Observer know. “They start to scream if we take them out together, try to pick up.” The shelter launched a campaign on social media to a boss to find for the special couple. Although they themselves hardly hope that Jack and Diane a new house would get, the action was quickly rewarded.

Morgan in The Walking Dead to see if villain Negan, fell as a block for the animals and also had the place for it. On his country estate and farm in the Hudson Valley, he has more donkeys, rabbits, cows and dogs. Since Tuesday will be there, so Jack and Diane added.

He was chosen from 2000 other interested people. “We chose him because he is the best resources to care for them. They can also roam free on his estate and farm”, shows a happy Gordon know.

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