Video: Boca passionately waved off by fans

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Boca Juniors is sent off

After supportersrellen in our own country, decides to take the decisive duel between the Argentine aartsrivalen Boca Juniors and River Plate to work on a neutral field, and that was the Bernabeu of Real Madrid. The fans of Boca Juniors made in advance for some crazy scenes when the crew was waved off.

River Plate played on november 11, 2-2 equal on the field of the Boca Juniors, the second leg on 24 november was, however, cancelled after the Boca players were injured when their team bus was attacked.

Ultimately, the South American voetbalconfederatie (CONMEBOL) to next Sunday, the game to work on a neutral ground, the Bernabeu stadium of Real Madrid. Of course, it was especially River Plate not to make the decision: “The fans are so ripped off and we lose the home advantage”, grumbled coach Marcelo Gallardo. “But how absurd, also, that the decision is taken. The preparation is all jumbled up and we go 10,000 miles away to play, the Copa Libertadores of America.”

Each team is given Sunday 25.000 tickets in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium of Real Madrid, but only 5,000 of those tickets can be sold to fans in Argentina. They hope in this way to prevent the ’barra brava’s’, the violent and hard cores, massively travel to Spain. The Argentine government had already know that it is working closely with the authorities in Madrid to avoid incidents. “We can’t prevent the barra brava’s leaving the country, but we can prevent them in the Bernabeu to get to.”

’The farewell’ of the Boca Juniors to Madrid was already paired with some crazy scenes:

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