Van Gaal proves the Barça president last respects

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Louis Van Gaal

“He was the first foreign president under whom I have ever worked with. It was a very nice person”, he reacted against Marca. “He gave me, as a coach, very the room and guided me well, also outside the field. So he helped me with the purchase of my first apartment. Nunez was also a great neighbor.”

Van Gaal worked for three years under Nunez, until in 2000, he was fired. It was one of the last actions of Nunez as chairman. Shortly after the resignation of Van Gaal stepped Nunez, under the pressure of many fan groups, itself. In 2002, drew Nunez’ successor Joan Gaspart Van Gaal returned to Barcelona.

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Nunez was from 1978 to 2000 in the lead at Barça. Below him was the club a European powerhouse.

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