U2, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran earners, under performers

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The end of a calendar year also means often the appearance of many lists. The well-known business magazine Forbes has listed the names of the artists or bands to the richest people in the world should be counted. U2 tightens the crown, for Coldplay and Ed Sheeran.

According to Forbes raked in the Irish band between June 2017 and June this year, 118 million dollar (converted about 104 million euros). The massive amount has the band to thank for the world tour that the thirty-year-old album ‘The Joshua Tree’ was celebrated. The top three is rounded out by the British band Coldplay (115,5 million dollars) and singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. That was the last with his music, good for 110 million dollars. The American singer Bruno Mars is at four with $ 100 million in revenue. Place five is the highest earning female artist. With $ 83 million is that Katy Perry, who Taylor Swift just for remains.

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