Tygo Gernandt warns: show about GHB is heavier

2e6312d3275a43d7cf0e750bcdda1d49 - Tygo Gernandt warns: show about GHB is heavier

“We make the program with the GHB’ers, not about the GHB’ers. Then you make this kind of things as well”, explains the actor. “I understand that Safe Traffic Netherlands here difficult, but they have not yet all episodes seen. We come back to this later and then you will see how the police handles this, how we deal with this.”

Gernandt and hopes with the program to make clear how dangerous the drug is. “People are going to be under the influence of GHB in the movement, that we must fight. Therefore, I make this documentary. To show: this simply can’t be.” Tygo also emphasizes that there is no cameraman in the car and that therefore there is nobody of the crew danger has gone. “We have a camera in the car hung up. There was no one in.”

Finally, it warns Tygo that it is “only stronger” as the program progresses. “I have things seen… you hit a steep back. It is bizarre what this drug does to you.”

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