Trump retweet a false message about pro-Trump-slogans in Paris

f4c7942f32ee9d0b10d8ced2270f635d - Trump retweet a false message about pro-Trump-slogans in Paris

In the streets of Paris chanting demonstrators, ” We want to Trump’. At least that is a theory that a conservative commentator in the world, sent via Twitter, and from was by Donald Trump. The message is completely false.

“There are riots in the socialist France because of the taxes of extreemlinks on fuel,” writes Charlie Kirk, founder of a conservative organization in the USA. ‘The media talk almost about. America is in full bloom, Europe burns. They want the rebellion of the middle class against the cultuurmarxisme hide, ” says the young man in the message, that the president of the united states with 55 million followers shared. ‘The people chant, “We want to Trump in the streets of Paris”, added Kirk.

The French news agency AFP pulled the information after. Apart from the fact that France is not a socialist is controlled, but that the ideology of president Emmanuel Macron as liberal goes, suggested AFP that Kirk was referring to a video that on 2 december on Twitter was posted, and be sure to 17,000 times was shared. But the video turns out to not be filmed in Paris, but in London, and dates back to June. The images, which is a typical London double decker bus to see and where, with a British accent to Trump is called, were recorded during a demonstration of the extreme right.


Trump scoffed Tuesday also with the concessions of president Macron on the ‘cardigans jaunes’, where the tax increases on fuel would be suspend. According to Trump, is thus demonstrated that he has the right to withdraw from the climate deal in Paris. “I am glad that my friend Emmanuel Macron, and the demonstrators agree with the conclusion that I two years ago had already attracted’, tweette he.

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